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Did you know the majority of our clients were suffering from chronic pain prior to seeing us? Many of them had visited physios/chiros/osteos for their ongoing pain but not received the relief they had hoped.  Since working with me they have all either seen a reduction or total disappearance in pain levels.  Their mobility has increased where mobility was an issue and their strength has increased overall.  They move better and are much more aware of their previous poor movement habits when not with me in the gym.

At free ur body we offer home visits for people who have trouble accessing Adelaide CBD due to a disability / your age / pregnancy / nursing a newborn / extreme pain, we can come to you. We offer a mobile service for those needing rehabilitation in their own homes. We believe that everyone deserves the right to individualised care. For further details please click on the disability icon above.

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To book an appointment an online questionnaire (see "new client form" at bottom of page) is required to be filled out beforehand to gather information about your history and current problems. When you arrive for your first appointment you will be put through a thorough movement assessment to get to the bottom of WHY you are experiencing pain. You will receive the necessary treatment and in between visits the onus is predominantly on you to help yourself out of pain as homework will be given. Usually only asking 4-5min bouts of homework around 3x per day, in order to correct whatever dysfunction we believe to be causing your pain and discomfort.  Follow up sessions will then be planned as needed.  

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The initial assessment cost is $100* (60mins) / Home Visit: $110

Follow up appointment is $67.50* (30mins) / Home Visit: $75

Extended follow up appointment $77.50* (45mins) / Home Visit: $85

Extended follow up appointment $87.50* (60mins) / Home Visit: $95

*No health fund rebates available. Late Notice Policy: Full payment required if less than 12 hours notice given. 50% payment required if between 12 and 24 hours notice given.

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The ultimate aim at free ur body is to empower each individual to have a better in-depth understanding of their body and how it is functioning & to educate you as to the reasons why it may not be functioning optimally.

If you have fitness or sport specific long term goals, once pain has been diminished then we can start you up on a training programme via moov personal training, our sister business, all under the same roof.

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Here is what some of our clients have to say:

"I decided to give Mary a go as she came highly recommended, almost 2 years on I can say it was the best decision I've ever made. Living with Cerebral Palsy Right sided weakness I have always struggled with my mobility, walking long distances, both my arm, foot getting very stiff, sore and my overall fitness.
Mary saw my body first then worked out why it was doing what it was and set exercises around that - first time ' I didn't hear Ok let's do surgery!' I was so pleased!
Through doing these exercises I noticed a difference between 3-6 months, surprised myself by walking more than 1 block without stopping or holding on to someone and it just got better from there. Now I can walk much further with no help, have increased strength in my Right side which makes daily routine less painful and my fitness levels couldn't be better.
Seeing small changes just made me want more and I really started to believe in myself, develop more self esteem, confidence, started to achieve long term goals and had a reason to hold my head high.
Mary has a way and understanding of the body that many few have - just made it so I can get the best out of myself.
Saying that I'm grateful for all that Mary has done for me would be an understatement, through my time I've dealt with many professionals and I can truly say Mary has restored my faith. She's one of the good ones. 
Thank you Mary for giving me all the knowledge I need to get the most out of my body and realise anything is possible if you put your mind to it". ~ Julia L.

"If you're injured and in need of a rehabilitation expert then look no further than Mary. After years of reoccurring shoulder injuries and $1,000's spent on physiotherapy with no results I had lost hope and was on a waiting list for surgery when a friend recommends I see Mary. She was not like the people I had seen before, she is an expert in her field and took a genuine interest in my problems. I stuck to her program and she led me down the road to recovery from 8 shoulder dislocations in 2 years to now being strong and stable enough to do heavy pressing movement again. Her knowledge of mobility and the recovery process is second to none and I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation." ~ Steve D.

"Mary at FreeUrBody is like the Sherlock Holmes of the human body.  She constantly surprises me with the way she’s able to fast track to the point of any discomfort and pain, partnering quick relief with long term sustainable measures to prevent the pain occurring again.  As her business name states, she quite literally frees your body from its limitations, improving the way you move through life, both physically (and therefore mentally).  I recommend that anyone and everyone engages her services, with or without injuries,  she’ll make a positive difference to your days." ~ Fiona S.

“Before seeing Mary I suffered from lower back pain (caused by a perforated disc, L5/S1) as well as upper back pain. I was unable to tie my shoelaces without pain due to lack of mobility. I'd been like this on and off for about 5 years. The neurosurgeon suggested I was not bad enough to be operated on and that I'd have to live with it using drugs.  Within a few months after seeing Mary I was able to comfortably tie my shoelaces again. I now wake up without pain! Previously, if I ventured out for a run I would be taking some sort of anti-inflammatory that night. I've not taken any drugs for about a year now. Within a few more months I was weight-lifting again, now I am able to deadlift and squat, which have been long term goals of mine! I now also have the knowledge to help myself improve mobility using techniques I have learned.” ~ Mark D.

"I just wanted to say thanks for working on me last year.  I have been working on my inefficiencies through my core and am finally starting to hit some solid PB's on my lifts with much better form.  I hit a 147.5kg deadlift today after a 145kg last week and my previous was 143 with a weight belt.  All my PB's are now without weight belt assistance.  Thanks Legend!" ~ Matt G.

"Even though I got injured, what you did for me has got me back better and fitter than before.  Thanks Mary." ~ Jaeger C.


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