A common mistake seen in many people who do bridging is a rib flare. This is when your ribs lift up at the end of the bridge movement. When this happens your abdominal muscles are put on a stretch and the load goes straight into your lower back and not into your glutes as it should.

Often this happens when you try to get more movement at the top of the bridge, particularly if your hip flexors are tight, the movement lacking at the hips you would try to gain via the upper back causing rib flare. This definitely needs to be corrected if you do bridging regularly otherwise you'll be straining your lower back and not gaining any strength in the glutes and abs at all.


One of my favourite exercises to improve abdominal stability! This exercise can have a positive impact on lower back stability & pelvic stability. It works on training your obliques to engage as they should to support your lower back and pelvis. This exercise can also have a positive effect on all your core muscles, including your pelvic floor (not many people think of their pelvic floor as part of their core musculature), when done with correct breathing technique.

How to perform this exercise:

Kneel down side on to either a light powerband or a cable (I would start with 5-10kg and go from there, this is harder than it looks!). You only need a small amount of tension if using the Powerband. Keep your hips locked out and hold the cable/powerband level with the bottom of your sternum. As you breathe out, extend the arms and lockout the elbows. The band/cable will want to pull you across to the attachment, the aim is to not let it, keep your arms as straight as an arrow when extending them out. Make sure you don't hold your breath; flex the hips or raise the upper traps, if you do then back off the band a bit or lower the weight.

Once this is manageable then try hold the arms out for a count of 5 seconds whilst still breathing.

Front View of Pallof Press

Pallof Press Rehab Trainer Adelaide
Pallof Press Abdominal Stability Rehab Trainer Adelaide




Poor Ipad Posture Kids

With Ipads and phones being the "norm" for entertainment in the very young generation these days we need to take care with how we allow our kids to sit and watch screens. Of course we also need to monitor how long we allow them to be idle for watching screens and what it is they are actually watching or playing.

As well as this though, the posture in which we allow our kids to sit in for prolonged periods of time can be detrimental to their health! Many kids will land up in a slumped forward posture (as seen above), this can put a lot of strain on the back, creating a rounded upper back and forward head posture! 

Or even worse!...

Very Poor Ipad Posture Kids

These poor postures can carry through to adulthood if not addressed at an early age. It is much harder to out-train poor posture as an adult...although not impossible! ;-). Best to teach them young and engrain the brain from early on.

The best thing we can do to ensure our kids don't develop poor musculoskeletal habits is to encourage them to MOVE! This may be whilst they are using ipads or phones, there is no reason why they can't keep changing postures whilst using the devices. In fact, changing postures every 5-10 minutes will be the best thing for them!

Here are a few examples of good Ipad watching postures:

Good Postures Ipads Kids

This prone (face down) posture encourages extension of the back and can promote a healthy spine.

good posture kids watching ipad

Why not prop up the ipad or phone on a table and have your child sit on the floor with their back nice and tall so they can view the ipad with a neutral back and neck posture.

Depending on the height of the table they could be sitting/tall kneeling/standing with the ipad on the table.


Bird Dog Exercise Low Back Pain Rehab.jpg

When you have chronic low back pain (or have had to have low back surgery) and seek help from a healthcare professional you should expect a thorough assessment and a tailored exercise program (at the very least) as this is the most effective way to enable you to improve your condition. 

Movement is one of the best treatments for low back pain & surgery and can get you back to feeling yourself quicker than you might know. Research has shown that carrying out a safe exercise program can get you back to daily activities and work sooner than if you don't. It also results in less days off work over the following 12 months (not that this would be very appealing to most ;-p). 

The exercises should be specific to you as a result of what was found in the assessment and not just a generic handout that is given to everyone. In the majority of cases low back pain is often brought on by lack of function of the abdominals and gluts. When you find the cause of the problem and fix that, as opposed to treating just the low back, this is when you acquire long term results. 

You should be shown how to progress through the exercises you're given in order to keep strengthening and improving your condition. Not just sent on your way with a generic program with no further progression.  

If you're only receiving hands on treatment and not given a home exercise program then you should probably find yourself another healthcare professional as this will not be enough to improve your condition long term. 

This is even more important if you've undergone surgery, as often a lot of damage is done to the muscles of the back and they will need to be retrained to function well again. Your whole body will need to be put through a program to regain function and strength again so no compensations remain. Movement is the best way to recover from low back surgery. 


So you've started up a new gym routine, you've got the gear, you've got the motivation and you've got the gym membership. Just don't leave the knowledge required to train you safely and effectively at the door!

You may have a Personal Trainer, but not all Personal Trainer's are created equal. Some can push you to the point of injury and beyond. If your Personal Trainer is letting you repeat a poor movement habit without correcting you over a period of time, this can create dysfunction in your body and those movement habits stay with you for life if not changed. Inevitably, leading to injury further down the track. If you have a Personal Trainer, make sure they have a lot of knowledge on the human body and movement and not just a PT certification as this is not enough to train people safely.

It's not all about Personal Trainers though, you may be training yourself and that's great! Just make sure you aren't performing poor movement habits. It is worth educating yourself on proper movement technique for all basic movements such as squats; lunges; pull-ups; pushups etc before going crazy at the gym.

I've spent a lot of time in different commercial gyms and have seen a whole lot of poor movement. It makes me want to cry! You know that person is inflicting harm on themselves and they probably don't even know it YET. 

When it comes to FOOTWEAR, less is more! When it comes to EXERCISE CHOICE, there are too many variables influencing this, but you always want to include functional, full body movements in your workout. And when it comes to WHY, well this is where it gets fun, as really it comes down to what your flexibility is like; where your strength is at; what your goals are; how you feel on the day - so many variables that affect WHY you choose certain movements over others.

If you find yourself stuck in a rut with working out or are unsure how to put workouts together for yourself then pop on over to our moov personal training page and have a think about joining us online to guide you through your training safely and effectively!

You won't regret it!


Day Thirty One:

Do you often grab take-out meals & coffee? Have you thought about the impact all that packaging can have on the environment?

The 31st and final blog on Plastic Free July. I hope you have all taken something from our efforts of sharing ways to lead a less plastic life. I'd like to thank everyone who shared; commented or liked the posts and hope that there have been a few "AHA" moments as I know there were for me along my journey of discovering a less plastic existence. It is never easy to change and it does take time but very small changes slowly turn into habits and before you know it you look back and see how far you have come. You are not always going to get it 100% but even if everyone made a 2% effort to reduce their use of plastic it would have a massive impact on our earth!

rehab trainer physio personal trainer

Next time you need to grab some breakfast or lunch and you are not in a pressurised rush to get to where you're going then why not just take a breather, slow down, and dine-in. This way you will save on the take-out packaging and your sanity. Slowing down is something our society does not do comfortably and it is adding to stress-related illnesses. Alternatively, of course, if taking out is a must then don't be caught without your re-usable coffee mug; re-usable water bottle; re-usable cutlery and depending on the kitchen, you could even try and take your own container with you to put your food in, leaving zero footprint ;-). Now that's making a difference!

Make a change...
Re-think your thinking...


Day Thirty:

Do you often grab breakfast or lunch on the go? Have you thought about the impact all that plastic cutlery can have on the environment?

physio qualified personal trainer

Why not always carry a set of cutlery with you for those days you grab something "to go". Keep it in your handbag or in the glove compartment of the car. That way you are never caught without it and don't have to rely on plastic.

Make a change...
Re-think your thinking...


Day Twenty Nine:

Do you love sushi? Have you thought about the impact all those plastic take-away containers can have on the environment?

physio qualified personal trainer adelaide

Next time you plan to have take-out sushi, why not take in a tupperware/steel/glass container with you to put your sushi in and save on all that plastic being manufactured.

Make a change...
Re-think your thinking...


Day Twenty Eight:

Do you own a credit card? Or several? If so, have you thought about the impact all those plastic cards are having on your wealth as well as the environment?

These little suckers have a large negative impact on the environment in a round about way...not so much about the physical plastic of the cards but more so how they enable us to spend; spend; spend...mostly on unnecessary items that we don't really "need" but do really WANT! Feeding consumerism at its best and creating a large amount of waste at the end of the day.  We should be spending our money more wisely, or rather, not spending our money as much...which is really wiser! Next time you reach for your credit card to purchase an item, ask yourself this:

  • Do you really NEED that item?
  • Is it going to positively impact your life in the long term and in a healthy way?
  • Is it in line with your long term goals?
  • Is it the most environmentally friendly option or are there better options you could be looking at?
rehab trainer physio functional movement

If you're interested in saving yourself financially when it comes to credit cards and loans etc then a friend of mine introduced me to "Barefoot Investor", this guy will tell it like it is and cut through the BS that you get fed from banks and large corporations. He may sound offensive at times but it's probably what we all need to hear. Listening to his wise words will save you money in the short term and long term. It is worth sitting down and looking at all your accounts/credit cards/loans and seeing if there is a way to reduce the amount they are costing you. That is what I did last night and I was able to cut up the credit card that was costing me the most simply by paying it off using another account of mine with a lower interest rate. Even though I haven't technically paid it off yet, it felt great to do and I know I have saved myself in the long run. I also stopped using any of my credit cards about 6 months ago in order to pay them off quicker. There are many ways to reduce the impact of debt: consolidate your credit cards on the lowest interest rate possible; apply for a balance transfer and make SURE you pay it off in the timeframe given; STOP spending on your cards! You will never pay them off if you keep using them. Make sure you put on more than the minimum amount each month. A lot of you are probably already on top of this but my emphasis is on all the spending we do as a society that is just not necessary. There is a very small amount of people rubbing their hands together and just getting richer whilst the poor get poorer. Don't sell your soul to the Barefoot Investor says: "Tread your own path!"

Make a change...
Re-think your thinking...


Day Twenty Seven:

Are you a peanut butter fan? Does your peanut butter come in a plastic jar? If so, have you thought about the impact all those plastic jars could have on the environment?

I am more of an almond butter fan myself and am lucky enough to have a couple of health food stores in my city that sell freshly created peanut or almond butter. You take along your glass jar, or purchase one at the store, and get to watch the freshest peanut or almond butter you have ever bought ooze out of the end of the grinder straight into your jar. THE BEST! And the even better thing is, you only ever have to use one glass jar (that you keep returning with) for all the many jars of peanut or almond butter you plan to eat. No more plastic waste on peanut butter containers.

Make a change...
Re-think your thinking...

rehab trainer physio functional movement
 Look out for these machines in any health food store...

Look out for these machines in any health food store...