Grains, the good, the bad & the ugly

  • The total gross value for all grains and oilseeds in Australia in 2009-10 is approximately $9 billion-a-year.
  • Globally, 1,100 million tonnes of coarse grain were produced in 2010-11, covering over 306 million hectares of land.
  • Australia’s annual export volume of coarse grains in 2010-11 was 5,337,000 tonnes, with an export value of $1.493 billion.
  • Australia exported 4,625,000 tonnes of barley in 2010-11, worth $1.295 billion. Exports of sorghum for the same period were valued at $146 million, and totalled 553,000 tonnes.  (

Now keep this in mind when you question "why are grains still being promoted as a healthy food source"?  and "why don't they tell us the true facts"?

If you were raking in billions of dollars per year would you tell the truth about your product?  Unfortunately we no longer live in an honest world...not even sure if we ever did but one thing I do know is that the media is the driving force for most people's decision making in life.  People are so out of touch with themselves and the truth that they will believe ANYTHING written on a public piece of paper or website because they believe it must be a reliable source right?...WRONG!!!  Stories sell, profits keep people in business and people are ruled by money!

So...why eliminate grains from the diet?

I'll give you a few good reasons why:

At least 50% of the caucasian population are gluten intolerant, they just don't know it.  So every time they eat grains their small intestine can't digest it and it leaks into the bloodstream where it is recognised as a foreign body, (antigen) your immune system then sends out the little immune system warriors (antibodies) to attack it.  Now if this keeps happening on a daily basis or multiple times through the day you eventually land up with an exhausted immune system which will leave you lethargic and of course, leave you open for the real bugs to attack your body as your immune system is too busy fighting the grains.  So if you get sick often and feel lethargic for no reason try cutting out grains for 2 weeks and see if you notice a difference!

Processed grains have the wheat germ and bran (where the nutrition is stored) removed from the grain therefore resulting in the zinc & B vitamins being milled away and the vitamin E in the germ missing.  Conventionally farmed grains are low in protein quality and quantity.  Here's a funny fact for you...did you know that starving countries that are offered US grains reject them as they know that they will be more malnourished as a result of eating them.  All grains are covered in phytic acid which is the grains protective coating.  It is not digestible by the body and is actually a mineral blocker, so consuming grains will result in your body not taking up the minerals needed into the tissues such as magnesium, zinc, iron, calcium, B vitamins etc.  Think about it...a healthy salad when you add pasta or bread to it still nutritious?  Does your body receive those vitamins and minerals from the salad or are you just wasting them away?

Lastly, if you suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis or any inflammatory condition for that matter, try not eating any pasta, bread or rice for 2 weeks and see if your condition improves at all?  If so, continue for a further 2 weeks and you'll be surprised at the results!  You'll wander why your GP never told you this in the first place right?  Well, that could be because most GP's spend their days selling drugs to patients so they'll write a prescription for just about any ache or pain out there but drugs don't heal you, they mask the underlying issue.  Your body heals you!  But only if you're feeding it the right nutrients to be able to heal.  If it's busy trying to process junk then you won't get any healing time.  So, grains contain the same amino acid sequence as synovial fluid, (the lubricating fluid within most of your joints, or at least all the ones affected by RA) when the body attacks the grain in the bloodstream (as I mentioned previously) your immune system will send  out antibodies to attack the antigens but it will recognise your synovial fluid as an antigen as well as it looks the same to an antibody.  Therefore, as a result your body will attack itself and you will experience the inflammatory flare ups associated with RA.  Don't think that you have to live like this for the rest of your life.  You will notice a significant improvement if you steer clear of grains!

If you absolutely can't bare to not have bread (once you give it a go you will find it's not so hard to get used to) then you're better off getting organic, sprouted breads with no preservatives or additives as the grains in these have much more nutritional value and the phytic acid has been broken down.

If this has been of interest to you I highly recommend you consider what I've shared and I hope you do some deeper investigating...




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