Why Organic?...


Over the past 20 years or so the food industry has taken a drastic change. Gone are the days of waiting patiently for animals to mature for the slaughter, fruit & vegetables to grow in nutrient rich soil. For some reason mankind seem to want quicker results, more money in the bank at a faster rate and at less of the cost. The problem with this is that in the long run it is the consumer who pays the price in more ways than one. The food that the majority of us are expected to consume has been drenched in pesticides, herbicides, fed antibiotics and growth hormones and brought up in a stressful environment. All of which are then ingested by us, reeking havoc in our bodily systems due to the toxic pesticides. These foods are also much lower in nutrients than their organically farmed ancestors.

A lot of these pesticides and toxins are a contributing factor for many forms of cancer, birth defects and nerve damage. A lot of these were approved for use before the dangers of their side effects were known. If these pesticides and herbicides are developed for the pure purpose of killing off living organisms it is no wander they cause an imbalance within ourselves when ingested.

Organic farmers use the method of crop rotation to ensure that nutrients are being replenished within the soil. The plants rely on these nutrients to grow and we rely on the plants to have these nutrients so when we eat them we are getting all the vitamins and minerals needed for daily function.

The Organic Retailers and Growers Association of Australia (ORGAA) conducted a study comparing the mineral levels of certain organic vegetables vs supermarket vegetables. On average the organic vegetables were 10 times higher in minerals than the supermarket vegetables showing that we receive a much higher balance of nutrition when eating organic vegetables than your regular supermarket option.

Organic meat is also a much wiser choice. Grass fed animals result in meat that have the correct ratios of omega 6 and omega 3 whereas grain fed meat can have ratios up to 5 times out of the recommended ratio. This can also contribute to serious illness. Grass fed meat is high in good fats which can aid our health and low in fats that have been linked to ill-health and disease.

Where possible you are much better off to invest in buying organic fruit, vegetables and meat. These choices will be better for your health and help to prevent illness which is a much more serious cost to yourself. A lot of people think that organic meat and produce is not affordable but you’ll be surprised. The more people that buy organic on a regular basis, the sooner it will become more of the norm and the prices will drop.