How To Setup your Facebook Account To Best Suit You...

About a month or two ago I was threatening to remove my facebook app off my phone and spend less time on facebook itself after realising how much of my time I was letting it consume.  

As expected, some time passed and I still hadn't taken the necessary steps to do was only when I read a blog post from a couple of weeks ago speaking of his journey of rediscovering himself and his passions again after adjusting his facebook account, that I made the effort to investigate my facebook settings and make some changes.

I'd like to share with you what I did and how to do it as I learned a few things during the process I was previously unaware of.  

Step 1:  I removed the Facebook app from my phone.

No explanation needed here I'm sure...

Step 2:  I removed anyone I had not communicated with outside of facebook in the last 6-12 months.  

This is how:  Click on your friends list, go through each friend and if there is someone you haven't spoken with in the last 6-12 months, hover over the friends tab next to their picture and click "unfriend". This will mean you are no longer friends with them on facebook and can only view as much of their profile as they have given "the public" access to.   They will not be notified of this but if they go on your profile they may notice you are no longer friends.

Step 3:  I switched off everyone's newsfeed notifications other than close friends; family and colleagues.  

This is how:  If there are people on your facebook friends that you are still in touch with and would like them to stay on your facebook friends list but you don't care for their constant updates on facebook and would not like them showing up on your newsfeed...then there are a couple ways to do this.  Simple solution number 1:  If said person appears on your newsfeed, there is a downward facing arrowhead in the top right hand corner of their status, click it and you will see an option in the list:  "unfollow (insert name here)" that and you should no longer see their updates in your newsfeed. Simple solution number 2:  Go onto their page and in their cover photo there is a block button which will either read "following", or "follow", if it says "following", click it and you have turned off their updates in your newsfeed.  Neither of the above 2 options will leave them knowing you are no longer following them.

Step 4:  I removed annoying adverts and/or group shares I was not interested in.

This is how:  When either adverts or certain updates from groups appear in your newsfeed that you don't care for, again, click the downward pointing arrowhead at the top right hand corner of the "I don't want to see this", make sure you follow the feedback questions by clicking the bold letters "why don't you want to see this" which should take you to 2 further questions, followed by clicking a "done" button, in order to truly get rid of the notifications otherwise you have only hidden that specific ad/group status and will continue to receive future updates.

And lastly:  I avoid logging in until after midday, I only check facebook a couple of times, I always log out straight afterwards, not having the app means zero notifications so I forget it exists for parts of the day, I try and only look at my notifications and minimise scrolling through the newsfeed (even after the above changed settings).  I spend more time reading up on the educational pages I follow than anything else. I make more effort to call people or text than to use facebook as a form of communication, therefore minimising the "need" to go online.

These 4 main steps will ensure you filter out any negative or unwanted influences on your newsfeed.  We all know about the fact that Facebook newsfeeds can affect the way we feel and behave, they expose us to a lot of unwanted negativity and can zap up a whole lot of your precious time!  You wouldn't choose to hang around people who have a negative influence on you; people who drain your energy; people who make you feel worse about yourself; people who are self-obsessed; people who put down others in order to makes themselves feel better about themselves; or even people who may put you down as a result of something you have shared with the Facebook world (you can also choose who sees your own statuses and block certain people from seeing your on the privacy tab at the top of the page which has a picture of a padlock; click on the tab button under "who can see my future posts", click on "custom" and add people to the list).  

So why let yourself be influenced online...?

Wouldn't you prefer to be exposed to the positive people in your life and make more time for them; spend less time on facebook; only be exposed to intelligent and informative conversation with just a side of silly stuff?  You can always go to someone's profile and view what they have been up to if you want to but rather have the choice to be exposed than to have it forced upon you?  I know I would!