Handstand Hold Practice

Here's me working on the handstand hold.  I'm mainly focussing on the kick up into the handstand as I still have a way to go with head and midline position, although this was my best attempt at staying inverted.  

My pelvis naturally has an anterior tilt which is hard to fight in a handstand hold.  Been working the position on the floor; focussing on pelvic control; up against the wall in a handstand position & using a great drill I learned off Ryan Hurst from Gold Medal Bodies which involves standing on a powerband with feet together and pressing it overhead with hands shoulder width apart, holding this position up to 1 minute, focussing on pressing out as hard as you can, engaging gluts and abs the whole time and keeping your ribs down so they don't flare up.  This is tougher than it sounds and is a great conditioning drill for the handstand. 

Hoping to make some good progress over the coming weeks and months!