The Handstand: What I've Learned to Date...

This is a great drill to do before kicking up into your handstand. It helps to activate your Serratus Anterior muscle which is an important shoulder stabiliser for any overhead positions. Simply, stand tall, squeezing gluts & drawing your ribs down to keep a tight midline, slowly raise your arms by your sides reaching through your fingertips the whole way until your arms are in line with your ears.

Let me start by saying that I am no expert in the handstand itself but of late have been working on this skill and have come across a few things I'd like to share:

What I've learned:

- Wood is the best material to do handstands on.

- You need adequate wrist; elbow; shoulder and hip mobility as well as achievable pelvic      stability (this can be trained).

- You should always warm the wrists up into flexion & extension before practising.

- The above Serratus Anterior activation drill helps with shoulder stability.

- Take your time setting up on the floor, make sure your hands are dry and grip the floor with your palm and fingertips.  Press the floor away from you before you kick up to activate your shoulder stabilisers.  As soon as your feet leave the ground, push your palms into the floor so you transfer the weight from your feet to your palms to lock in your stability.

- PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE...It takes time and perseverance but I found that each practice session I have, something else clicks, and I get closer and closer to a stronger handstand hold.  Find YOUR weakness and work on it! :-)