Float to Breathe!

So, I recently had my first float experience.

And realised a few things...it forces you to disconnect from all stimuli, your work; your phone; your laptop; your thoughts to a degree; other people's influences on you; noise pollution etc.

Another major positive effect I found was on breathing!...Being able to just switch off and literally all you have to focus on is your breath...no sound, no vision, no feeling (other than your deep core contracting and relaxing while you're breathing).  Just you, with your mind and your breath.  It takes some time to relax into it and feel the effects, it may take one or two attempts before you really relax into it.  But from the first attempt you will be able to concentrate on your breath.

This is important, as the more diaphragmatic breathing you do, the more prolonged effects you will achieve.  The diaphragmatic breath promotes stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system which promotes calm & healing in your system.  It fights the effects of stress and disease to bring your body back to equilibrium.  60mins - 90mins in the tank I find gives me calm and relaxation for at least the rest of the day, a great night's sleep and a pretty good feeling the following day.

I would highly recommend this form of recovery for anyone who either leads a stressful life or trains hard for a living.  If you have kids, it's a great way to just zone out and get a break away from the stresses of life, chat to your hubby or wife to organise times for each of you to enjoy the benefits.

Again, if you'd like to learn more about breathing and what a functional breath is please visit my exercise library under the stability exercises and you will find one on breathing.