Do you get tension after sitting at a desk for an hour or so?

half kneeling computer posture rehab trainer adelaide

If you work from home or in a non-office setting here is an alternative posture for working at the computer. Instead of sitting at a desk where your hip flexors are shortened and your spine has a tendency to curve, you can adopt a half kneeling (as in pic) or full kneeling (both knees down with hips open) posture. If half kneeling, remember to alternate legs every 10 or 15mins and be sure to have something well cushioned under your knees. Try and have something to lift the computer to a reasonable height so your elbows are about 90degrees (my laptop could be slightly higher in the pic). Be sure to have a tall spine and a neutral neck, don't tilt your head down but rather gaze down with your eyes if needed.

It is always a good idea to mix up your postures when working, I don't believe adopting one posture all day is good for anyone. Whether that be standing all day at a standing desk or sitting all day at a desk. Where possible, spend some time standing, some time sitting, some time in half kneeling and some time in full kneeling.

Your hips will love you for it and remember your body is designed to MOVE, not be stationary.