One of my favourite exercises to improve abdominal stability! This exercise can have a positive impact on lower back stability & pelvic stability. It works on training your obliques to engage as they should to support your lower back and pelvis. This exercise can also have a positive effect on all your core muscles, including your pelvic floor (not many people think of their pelvic floor as part of their core musculature), when done with correct breathing technique.

How to perform this exercise:

Kneel down side on to either a light powerband or a cable (I would start with 5-10kg and go from there, this is harder than it looks!). You only need a small amount of tension if using the Powerband. Keep your hips locked out and hold the cable/powerband level with the bottom of your sternum. As you breathe out, extend the arms and lockout the elbows. The band/cable will want to pull you across to the attachment, the aim is to not let it, keep your arms as straight as an arrow when extending them out. Make sure you don't hold your breath; flex the hips or raise the upper traps, if you do then back off the band a bit or lower the weight.

Once this is manageable then try hold the arms out for a count of 5 seconds whilst still breathing.

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