rehab trainer adelaide physio qualified

Mary grew up in South Africa and moved to the UK as a teenager where she gained her degree in Physiotherapy at the age of 26.  After moving to Adelaide in 2009 Mary worked for 3 years as a Physiotherapist before making the transition to personal training & exercise rehabilitation. 

“During my time working as a Physiotherapist I found that what most people needed was to MOVE better and be more AWARE of themselves and not necessarily rely on the repetitive “hands on” treatment that was getting dished out, they needed to take ownership of their rehabilitation process whilst being guided in the right direction. 

This brought me to pursue a personal training qualification and to launch my own business in exercise rehabilitation, which is how free ur body was born.  We have been going strong since 2011.  In this time I have not stopped learning, I am FMS (Functional Movement Systems), SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) & NKT (Neurokinetic Therapy) certified, I am a Master Rehab Trainer & continue to educate myself on a daily basis on all things anatomical & movement therapy related.   I read; I watch; I learn; I challenge myself; I try; I sometimes fail; I try again; I learn from mistakes; I never give up on myself; I practice, practice, practice.  My work is practice, it is an ongoing learning process and along the way you achieve great things, you inspire, you educate, you teach, but you are continuously learning. My clients are often my teachers, they inspire me to learn more and to keep searching for answers.  They challenge me and motivate me.

My mentors & teachers I have learned a lot from in this time and continue to follow are Gray Cook; Kathy Dooley; Perry Nickleston; David Weinstock, to name a few. 

I love the interactions I have with my clients and to help them achieve their goals.  To guide them in ridding themselves of pain and dysfunction, to help them pull the pieces of the puzzle apart so they understand WHY they were experiencing pain or dysfunction and HOW they can help themselves to change it.

Our aim at free ur body is to find the reasons WHY and work with you to ultimately achieve a pain free life.

Pain isn’t something that should be tolerated.”